Knowing Your Rights When it Comes to Public BreastFeeding

Public Feedings

In Ontario, by law you are allowed to feed your baby anywhere. This includes restaurants, parks, shopping centers or your in-laws home. “According to the Ontario Human Rights Commission policy, no one should prevent a mother from breastfeeding her child, ask her to cover up or move her to another area.”

You can breastfeed discreetly, or breastfeed out in the open without any covers. It is up to you and your baby. What makes you feel comfortable.

A woman also has the right to pump while at work. She is to be given a private comfortable area where she may express milk for her baby.

Know your rights and educate yourself.

What to do if someone Comments?
Pass them a blanket to put over their head.

“What can I do if someone asks me to stop breastfeeding in public?
1. Do what you need to do so that you can breastfeed your child comfortably.
2. Talk to the owner, manager, or the individual who asked you to stop breastfeeding. Tell the person:
• It is your right to breastfeed in public.
• You will make a complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Commission if you are asked again to leave, move or cover up.”

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4 thoughts on “Knowing Your Rights When it Comes to Public BreastFeeding

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  2. Julie Miller

    I have rights as well. I have five children and I have the right to not have some other woman boob sucked ion in their face! I breast fed mine and they make things called receiving blankets! COVER YOUR TIT!

    • dececcokm

      Julie, I would never take the right for you to get up and leave with your children in tow.

      However do you think that your children should not know where baby gets his/her first meal from. Not educating our children is the reason we are facing this problem with formula. All over the world mothers breastfeed without covers and without shame. It is a western society that pushes woman to cover themselves so much, and pushes women to formula cans, bottles and ultimately chemicals that are not good for your babies. This increases shame and the feeling of “not good enough” Yet we encourage television shows with half naked woman and men, Breast enlargements, and anything that promotes the sexual exploitation of women.

      I think that allowing children to see a mother breastfeeding, nurturing, and showing true selflessness, not only increases the chance that they too will promote breastfeeding, but that it will become the normal thing to do.

      Remember you have the right to leave, or cover your children’s eyes. You do not have the right to tell a woman who is breastfeeding to cover up, or even comment in any negative way. Unless it is a thumbs up, because you know how hard it can be to be a new mother and have to feel obligated to make everyone around you happy including a newborn baby.

  3. yogamom2boys

    A mother has EVERY reason to feel PROUD when she is breastfeeding her baby! Whether she is in private or public!

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