Why are these young mothers choosing formula?

So I sit here tonight, and I ask myself, why are these young mothers choosing formula?  Formula which is 30$ + a can and lasts less than a week over a milk that God or mother nature gave us that is free. These young mothers, just starting out, families that have little to spare, they are sparing it all for formula.

Is it so that they may go out and party, or is it so that they may feel a little more free, for some of them maybe, but I doubt it the case for them all. I feel that lack of education and knowledge, lack of showing and teaching.

As little girls many of us are taught that babies are fed from bottles with milk that you mix. From milk that is powder, that is mixed with bottled water, another expense. The girls that pretend to give babies milk from their chest like their mothers are treated like they are doing it wrong, as their friends give baby a bottle.  Baby a bottle, not a breast.

Bottles are expensive and the formula companies now have the upper hand, as baby dolls are sold with bottles, and when one brave mother came out with a baby doll that is supposed to be breastfed, she made the news as she had angered other mothers and the media and most of all the formula companies.

So as little girls we are taught, how to feed a baby. Baby comes with a bottle, you hold her like this, change her like that, and feed her with this, this bottle.

Then they reach highschool, and again they are taught, in parenting class you feed them with this, this bottle.

The science is there, the formula companies know it. If they didn’t believe it to be true, why would their advertising lines be “closest ever to mothers milk”  or like Nestlé  “closest formula to breastmilk” they even advertise that “breastmilk is best for your baby”  yet these young mothers seem to believe that it is normal to feed baby a bottle. It’s all the same…. but it’s not.

Breastmilk is prevention, it’s proven, babies fed with breastmilk are sick less often, less likely to catch colds, or flues, or other illnesses. Diabetes prevention, children who are breastfed are less likely to to have childhood diabetes. So why are we not doing anything to prevent these mothers from turning a blind eye, why are we not educating… Should we not be excited, here is a way to save tax dollars, here is a way to save the government welfare money that they would hand out to young mothers who could not finish high school, got pregnant and need to buy baby formula.

So here is what I propose…. Start in schools…

We need to start in the young schools, and continue to highschool, teaching about breastmilk, and breasts for that matter. Educating the boys, because it’s easier to breastfeed with your partners support, and which young man doesnt dream of an Einstein quarterback for a son. More importantly educating the young ladies, why wouldn’t they want to save that money 30$ a week at least for shoes, and shopping and cute outfits for baby? Why wouldn’t they want to save 500 calories a day on average for chocolates or cake, or something sweet, instead of going to a gym to get rid of baby weight that just won’t seem to come off because of formula in a bottle. What woman today is not scared of breast cancer, let us tell them that their chances of getting it are 5% less likely if they breastfeed. We need to show them celebrity role models, who we know they love, P!nk She breastfeeds, and Julie Bowen too. Kourtney Kardashian, and beautiful model Miranda Kerr.

Image Why not go to the highschools, before they get pregnant.

Striving for healthier moms, and healthier babies.

– Kayleigh May

Let’s go to the schools…



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