Doula Services

A new beginning starts at every birth.

My Contact

Kayleigh De Cecco – Labour Doula, Birth Photographer.

Standard Doula Services Include;

Access to my lending library

2 One Hour Prenatal Appointments

  • 1 Appointment  dedicated to techniques used for natural relief during labour, and filling out required contract and forms.
  • 1 Appointment  dedicated to creating your birth plan.

*Unlimited Phone, Text, and E-mail Support (within reason) to answer any questions and concerns that you may have. From 30 Weeks of pregnancy +

Emotional, Physical, and Informational support during labour and delivery.

2 one hour postpartum appointments.


Add Ons With doula services. 

Professional Birth Photography (Service only) – $250.00

Birth Photo Book – $170.00 + Depending on what your choices.

Birth Photo CD – $100.00

Birth Book +CD $200.00

Additional Prenatal Hours – $25.00 each

Additional Postpartum Hours – $25.00 each

Maternity Photography Packages – Starting at $120.00

Infant Photography Packages – Starting at $120.00

Lactation Cookies – Starting at $60.00/Batch  or $35/half batch –  depending on chosen ingredients. Yields Approx 5 Dozen Cookies. ( 1-2 months worth)

** All Prices are subject to change. All Prices are only with purchase of Doula Services.

Without Doula Services

Postpartum hours – $35.00 each

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