Rachels Journey.

I’m going to try something new, Reaching out to moms from the community and around, I want to know your breastfeeding stories.

E-mail them with photo to

My name is Rachel Gervais, I am 29 years old and I have two beautiful boys. I breastfed both children, however in very different ways.

In my mind, breastfeeding is the most natural and healthy choice for your child, I wanted to nurse my baby from day one; I wanted to provide my son with every ounce of liquid gold as possible. When I ended up having a C-section and a difficult recovery, I did not have the support of the nurses on shift and was too shy to ask for help. When I returned home I was blessed with nipple thrush, which is extremely painful when baby latches on. I spent many nights crying, feeling like I was doing my son wrong, that I couldn’t be a mom because I wasn’t able to breastfeed, I began pumping with many failed attempts of actual breastfeeding and although I only pumped for 6 months, it was the hardest and best decision of my life. I know that I provided him with all the liquid gold that I could. He is now a thriving almost 5 year old, full of spunk and love. Did I breastfeed him? NO! However I did give him my breast milk and that was important to me. Through this whole experience I was diagnosed with post partum depression, I believe the pumping helped me get through this tough time. Giving him breast milk wherever it may have come from was important to me.

Baby #2 comes along, this time I was determined to do it right!, Why I thought pumping wasn’t good enough, I will never know but with this baby I told myself I would ask for help, I would do this right!

It came natural, we had some latching issues but I asked for help from my doula, she was amazing, and that’s when my breastfeeding journey really started.

Rachel breastfeeds with help

I became obsessed with breastfeeding; I wanted the world to know that this was a natural and okay thing. That providing your children with breast milk from your breast was normal. It’s amazing the amount of people who do not want to see another woman breastfeeding. I will never understand but will continue to advocate for those who chose to breastfeed, in public or at home. I breastfed my second child for 15 months when he chose to self wean. During this time I breastfed in public, covered and not. I had many people stare but I kept my head up and knew I was making the world more aware of how natural breastfeeding is.

My son was even breastfed by another woman, a really close friend. I was out of town for a night and my son wouldn’t take the bottle, She picked him up and nursed and comforted him, I was very grateful that I had her there to provide him what he needed at that moment. When I tell people about this I get a lot of mixed emotions, however I know that it was the right thing to do because I was so far away.

At one point when I was nursing my little guy a woman told me that I should cover up because her nephew was staring at me. This really upset me, how can you show someone not to be shy or awkward about breastfeeding if we hide from it from our children. I kindly told her that I would not cover up because it was important for me to teach him that breastfeeding was normal and that he should never feel uncomfortable seeing someone breastfeed.

How do we change this mentality? How can we make people aware that breast are for feeding our children? If people chose to breastfeed it should be their choice weather they breastfeed covered or not, in public or not. It’s normal, natural and very rewarding! Would I breastfeed again? Of course! When I see woman breastfeeding, I smile or tell them they are doing a great job, we need to support each other not tear each other down.

Happy mama and child. Rachel breastfeeds contently

Have a journey to share….. Tell it here !

e-mail your journey to Subject (BestFed Journey) so I catch it. 🙂

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The Simmmpsons Episode December 9th

Clockwise from top left: Marge, Homer, Bart, S...

Clockwise from top left: Marge, Homer, Bart, Santa’s Little Helper (dog), Snowball II (cat), Lisa, and Maggie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In “The Simpsons” Episode that aired December 9th 2012, there was a little bit of a breastfeeding appearance, Well not a little bit, it was quite a big one.


Marge tries to fit in with “hipster” moms who all breastfeed their babies. Now when it comes to the Simpsons family, they are a picture of what is wrong with western American civilization. Homer being the over weight lazy father, Bart being the always in trouble child, Marge being an over worked mother, and Little Maggie who is the somewhat neglected baby… The only child they seemed to do everything right for is Lisa.


I’m not 100% a fan of how breastfeeding was portrayed in the t.v episode, however Marge did turn to say at the end, “the only child I ever breastfed was Lisa, for 9 months” (I’m paraphrasing as I cannot remember exact words) Maggie then looks at her with jealous eyes. You can tell that Lisa is a genius and that stems from breastfeeding.


No I am not a fan of the “If you won’t breastfeed Maggie, that’s fine, we’ll do it for you” Because I am not the type to force any mother to breastfeed…. But I do let every mother that I know, know how I feel about breastfeeding. I will try my best to help mothers who cannot breastfeed, as well as help mothers understand why breastfeeding is best for baby, as well as mother.


What are your Thoughts on the episode? Did they go to far? Did they offend breastfeeding mothers? Or did they find the right balance to not offend either formula or breastfeeding mothers?

Marge pretends to breastfeed Maggie

Marge pretends to breastfeed Maggie



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The Sleepy Feeder

What mother doesn’t miss this? The sleepy breastfeeding babe! So happy with the golden liquid that mother provides that he doesn’t even open his eyes.

This actually can become a frustrating moment for some mothers. When babe keeps falling asleep mid-feed and doesn’t complete a feed. This means that they will wake in half an hour with a strong hunger wanting more, only to fall asleep again soon after the latch.

How to remedy this?
When babe is a sleepy feeder and is not getting enough there are a few simple things to do to wake them.

1. Keep a damp cloth near by and wipe their eyes when they start to doze off.
2. Break the suction with your finger, this will often get baby to re-latch and start sucking again.
3. Undress baby- Keeping baby cool will often keep him awake for the feeding. It is hard to sleep when you are not warm and cozy.
4. Tickle and touch baby’s body.
5. Try a nice bath with baby.

If baby is still sleepy after you have tried all of the above, Leave him/her, Baby is probably very tired and needs his/her sleep.



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Working Mom

Working While breastfeeding seems like it can be such a difficult task. However mothers have been doing it for centuries, I have personally done the dishes while breastfeeding in a wrap, Vacuumed one handed, and done work on the computer while breastfeeding. Not every woman has the luxury of waiting a year to go back to work. Some places around the world only have short maternity leaves of 3 months. These women cart their babies to work all the time.

Breastfeeding at the office, Midwife Meghann and her baby boy “A”



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Working Mom

Are you a working while breastfeeding mom… I’d love to hear your story.

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The goodness of WATER

The weather is heating up, and if you are a pregnant mama you are most likely swelling like a balloon. You are always thirsty.

When you are thirsty there are only two things I recommend you drink….

1. WATER- Water aids your body in so many ways. Water will keep you healthy, Why not juice, even fruit juice causes major spikes in blood sugar. These can result in low energy, or that “morning sickness” feeling during pregnancy. Just water is good for the body, If you want to add a little flavour to your water try adding slices of lemon NO SUGAR.

2. TEA – Warm or cool, varieties of HERBAL teas have great nutrients in them. Drink camomile tea at night for an extra good nights sleep.

If you are a breastfeeding mom, you are likely always tired…. Time to drink water and tea, stay away from caffeine as it dehydrates you. It acts as a diuretic and removes water from your body.

A diuretic is either a food, herb, beverage or anything else that aides in the process of making your body release more urine.”
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The BestFed Project

Showing the LOVE during breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is a great time to share a bond with your baby. Oxytocin is released when you breastfeed, Also known as the Love hormone. This is why breastfeeding moms can be so relaxed.

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The BestFed Project


The BestFed Project was started by All Things That Grow Photography in order to show the many sides of a breastfeeding mom.

RELAXED – Mary-Anne Relaxes with her lovely little lady “T” while enjoying nature.

Sneak of many images to come.

If you would like to join the BestFed Project, Please e-mail me at using the Subject BESTFED.

Please feel free to leave your comments on this photo, or on the project.

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Breastfeeding The NATURAL thing to do!


Hadza Tribe (Photo credit: kibuyu)

Last night my husband and I were watching a BBC documentary, Origins of Us.  35 minutes into the film they discuss breastfeeding. Its a wonderful intervention into modern culture. When asked by a woman from the Hadza Tribe if she has any children the Dr Alice Roberts responds yes one who is 11 months old. The women of the Hadza tribe look appalled and ask her who is taking care of the child? Dr Roberts responds that her husband is, the women of the Hadza tribe are still confused, and the Hadza Tribe woman responds no… Who is breastfeeding her child? Dr Roberts explains that her child was weaned at 7 months, this confuses the woman of the Hadza tribe even more…. She asks another question… “Will the child grow?”

Although this sounds like a nonsensical question to ask… what if we followed our natural instincts as parents without the interference of modern culture, and media… how long would we breastfeed for… What else would be different in our parenting skills. Would our parenting style be closer to the style of an attached parent?

The documentary is listed below, Please watch and let me know your thoughts.

-Kayleigh May

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Time Magazine


Breastfeeding your children past 2 years of age is really controversial these days. North Americas views on breastfeeding are very divided, in every community you get people who belong each extreme side of the breastfeeding or anti breastfeeding community, and then you get those neatly tucked in in the middle, with some slightly to each side.,16641,20120521,00.html


It is no secret that I am PRO Breastfeeding, and a somewhat a Breastfeeding activist, But did TIME Magazine take it to far? I believe that everyone is now sitting with some thought of breastfeeding, so they made an impact somewhere. Whether a mom chooses to breastfeed till 1 year, 2 years or even 6 years, is her choice. (she believes she made the right choice) Attachment parenting is not a trend it is something that has been around for many many years. People are now becoming more aware of it’s options. Even though I do not consider myself an attached parent, I have friends who are, and I will not criticize another mother with the question “Are you MOM enough?”  That is what upsets me about the TIME magazine cover, I believe that if you are TRULY doing your best to raise your children, and spending time with them and loving them. YOU ARE MOM ENOUGH!!!


Being a mother is hard enough these days with all the choices you can make. We don’t need a magazine questioning if we are in fact Mom enough!




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