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Birth Photography Package.

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By All Things That Grow Photography

Birth photography is becoming popular these days. We take photographs of all our other important memories, why not the birth of our child.
Well dad can just take the photos can he not?
The father should be allowed to enjoy the process and help out his partner during contractions. He needs to be a support, and focus on what is important. On top of that the photos that are taken during birth with a point and shoot do not compare to that of a professional birth photographer, Someone who has witnessed birth before and knows what to do when the unexpected occurs.

What do the fees cover?
The base fee covers the photographers on call time fore 3 weeks prior and 2 weeks after your due date.
Photography during labour and for up to two hours after.
A private online gallery for your viewing purposes after photographs are digitally developed.
USB Flash with between 40 -100 images. In both black and white as well as colour.
Add-on’s include
Photo books
Thank-you Card (for your birth team)
Birth announcements – Custom designed.
Maternity Photography Session
Newborn Photography Session
**Doula Services
What if I end up needing a scheduled c-section?
There are so many chances to take photographs with a when you have a c-section as well.  I capture moments before the baby is born, as well as the moments after the baby is born.
Do the photographs remain private?
I will only upload teasers to facebook with your permission, and will only upload photographs that you approve of. I take a woman’s private moments very seriously, and if you do not want photographs to be shared we will discuss this.
I’ve decided I’d like more information what do I do now?
Call to book your free consultation, where we can talk, discuss your needs, and the photographs that you would like taken.
Ask for Kayleigh.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Book Your Free Consultation at 32+ weeks to discuss your needs and wants for the birth photography.

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