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Embarrassed Breastfeeding….

And I don’t mean just sitting in public breastfeeding because none of us should ever be ashamed or embarrassed of doing such an amazing thing for our child.

I now look back and laugh so hard at the times I thought I was going to die because my son enjoyed showing my boob off to the world.

My first story happened when my second was less than a month old, With a toddler and a newborn I was always tired. I had my toddler down for a nap and thought it would be a good idea for me to lay down in bed and feed the baby. We had both fallen asleep when there was a knock at the door. It took me a few seconds to jump up realize I had fallen asleep and run to the door. I accepted and signed for a parcel not even phased by the dirty look he was giving me. After he left I went back to the room and saw in the mirror that my boob was hanging right out.

My second story was due to my son’s love for showing off my boob.
My son at this point was a few months old and was easily distracted from eating. We went to a restaurant for dinner with my mom. We had a male waiter who seemed very nice.  While he had come to take our order I was trying to feed my son, I am very pro feeding where ever I felt like it without a cover. My waiter was staring at me while taking my order, but continued when he asked my brother what his order was. I looked down to find my son staring at him while he stared at my breast. I laughed it off. But boy if I was a first time mom I think I would have turned tomato red instead of just a darker pink colour.

What are your breastfeeding boobers? I mean Bloopers.

-Kayleigh May

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The Sleepy Feeder

What mother doesn’t miss this? The sleepy breastfeeding babe! So happy with the golden liquid that mother provides that he doesn’t even open his eyes.

This actually can become a frustrating moment for some mothers. When babe keeps falling asleep mid-feed and doesn’t complete a feed. This means that they will wake in half an hour with a strong hunger wanting more, only to fall asleep again soon after the latch.

How to remedy this?
When babe is a sleepy feeder and is not getting enough there are a few simple things to do to wake them.

1. Keep a damp cloth near by and wipe their eyes when they start to doze off.
2. Break the suction with your finger, this will often get baby to re-latch and start sucking again.
3. Undress baby- Keeping baby cool will often keep him awake for the feeding. It is hard to sleep when you are not warm and cozy.
4. Tickle and touch baby’s body.
5. Try a nice bath with baby.

If baby is still sleepy after you have tried all of the above, Leave him/her, Baby is probably very tired and needs his/her sleep.



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The BestFed Project

Showing the LOVE during breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is a great time to share a bond with your baby. Oxytocin is released when you breastfeed, Also known as the Love hormone. This is why breastfeeding moms can be so relaxed.

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Breastfeeding The NATURAL thing to do!


Hadza Tribe (Photo credit: kibuyu)

Last night my husband and I were watching a BBC documentary, Origins of Us.  35 minutes into the film they discuss breastfeeding. Its a wonderful intervention into modern culture. When asked by a woman from the Hadza Tribe if she has any children the Dr Alice Roberts responds yes one who is 11 months old. The women of the Hadza tribe look appalled and ask her who is taking care of the child? Dr Roberts responds that her husband is, the women of the Hadza tribe are still confused, and the Hadza Tribe woman responds no… Who is breastfeeding her child? Dr Roberts explains that her child was weaned at 7 months, this confuses the woman of the Hadza tribe even more…. She asks another question… “Will the child grow?”

Although this sounds like a nonsensical question to ask… what if we followed our natural instincts as parents without the interference of modern culture, and media… how long would we breastfeed for… What else would be different in our parenting skills. Would our parenting style be closer to the style of an attached parent?

The documentary is listed below, Please watch and let me know your thoughts.

-Kayleigh May

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Time Magazine


Breastfeeding your children past 2 years of age is really controversial these days. North Americas views on breastfeeding are very divided, in every community you get people who belong each extreme side of the breastfeeding or anti breastfeeding community, and then you get those neatly tucked in in the middle, with some slightly to each side.,16641,20120521,00.html


It is no secret that I am PRO Breastfeeding, and a somewhat a Breastfeeding activist, But did TIME Magazine take it to far? I believe that everyone is now sitting with some thought of breastfeeding, so they made an impact somewhere. Whether a mom chooses to breastfeed till 1 year, 2 years or even 6 years, is her choice. (she believes she made the right choice) Attachment parenting is not a trend it is something that has been around for many many years. People are now becoming more aware of it’s options. Even though I do not consider myself an attached parent, I have friends who are, and I will not criticize another mother with the question “Are you MOM enough?”  That is what upsets me about the TIME magazine cover, I believe that if you are TRULY doing your best to raise your children, and spending time with them and loving them. YOU ARE MOM ENOUGH!!!


Being a mother is hard enough these days with all the choices you can make. We don’t need a magazine questioning if we are in fact Mom enough!




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