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You can’t nurse here!

You can’t nurse here!

That is what Kristen Laface was told when she was nursing at the Howard Armstrong pool in Hanmer, while sitting on the deck.
The Sudbury mom was told to go to the change room. The problem in this situation is the lack of education that the staff at the Howard Armstrong pool, All the way up to the management. The manager of the Howard Armstrong pool told her that they had no policy regarding breastfeeding and were referring to the policy of wearing a top in the pool. Well yes a woman must wear a shirt in the pool. However when breastfeeding Kristen did cover up in courtesy of the other swimmers with a towel. The manager then went on to tell Kristen that they were working on a policy banning breastfeeding at the pool. REALLY!!!

So for all mama’s who want to breastfeed at the pool.

Your right to breastfeed anywhere, anytime is protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

and for more info check out

It is your RIGHT. Help support others with the same right.



Soon we will have a post from Kristen herself 🙂


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